*All deliveries are dump and go. Additional fees may apply for multiple dump sites.  Property owner is responsible for all damage and incurred expenses if requesting to dump off road.

"Fresh Chips "

Single Run Tree Chippings

Tree trunk and branch material which has been processed once through a blade chipper.

 Currently Unavailable

"Playground Mulch"

A  shredded wood mulch product perfect for the areas where you need a clean product free of the dirty rich organic material other  mulches would have.  Also it is a great mulch for creating contrasting color in the landscape. 

Currently Unavailable

Mulch Delivery Available*

"Midnight Black"

Dyed Mulch

Premium mulch product dyed with a rich non-toxic colorant to make it really stand out!  Retains its dark color much longer than the natural mulches.

  $35 per yard 

"Natures Best"

Premium Hardwood Mulch

A perfect blend of natural organic material double ground into a beautiful dark mulch product .  Not only will it suppress weeds and protect your plantings, it will also enrich your landscape beds as it breaks down.

  $30 per yard

NP "Arborist Blend"

Hardwood Mulch

A double ground mulch product made from chippings and rakings from tree services, this blend has more "woody" material and is lighter in color.  Great for weed suppression, stabilizing slopes or instances where you need a uniform look without the extra cost of the premium blends. 

  Currently Unavailable 

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